Poems: My only true sin

How can I go on?
Once great lovers
And now forgotten
You spoke to me in roses
Parting in the taste
like heavy hops
You put your hand around my neck
like a collar
The spirit of that hand
haunting all of the parts
of me you touched
I can still taste you
The way your brow arched
when you ordered your wishes
Master of my body
Take me to that
sweet hell
The self hatred + ecstasy
Of my only sin
And all the great loves
time has stopped for
Ours was one
As you penetrated
my heart beats so
you could feel
that pulse on your cock
No one unlocks me anymore
No one makes me smell
as sweet as I do on your nose
After you master me
deny me my self
A goddess among mortals
that lays at your feet
A tigress tamed
My wildness bowed at your feet
Take me. Please.