Why did you break up your relationship with a scorpion male? I'm asking because I dated with a scorpion guy and I'd like to understand more the scorpion mind... Kisses honey!

I have dated two Scorpios, both of which ended for technical reasons + were never really allowed to reach the potential of the relationship. These were actually the two most painful heartbreaks I've ever had probably because I knew they could have been great if it weren't for career, financial, + long distance issues. I easily think I could end up with a Scorpio, they can match my intensity + the sex is the best I have ever experienced.

what you dare...

Would you describe yourself as a feminist?

In the way of supporting all that is feminine yes. Trying to prove I can be better at a man at everything, no. I love being a woman + embrace many traditional gender roles which some might consider misogynistic in terms of feminism but I find natural + comfortable.

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Question. Are you nazi/ support that kind of stuff? I ask this becuase on your tumblr you reblogged SS military outfit pictures.

I love the visual aesthetic of the Nazis. I by no means support mass genocide or prejudice based on race, culture, gender, or sexual preference. Without going into a short novel, I am not a Nazi, I simply have a fetish for the uniform.

what you dare...


The dark...

One thing I can take from the experience of living with severe depression is that there are very few things that frighten me nowadays. I have been suicidal + as a result I no longer fear death. I know death is always an option therefore the phobias I once had about alien abduction + apocalyptic scenarios  no longer paralyze me. I try to learn something from every situation in life no matter how dark it may be. Find the beauty.