I had a really fun, completely out of control, circus of a birthday party. I got to go to LA for a month. Performing the Albertabound Calgary tattoo convention + Laced Up by my love Sweet Carousel were so wonderful. Those are the only good things to come of 2012.
2012 was a struggle of a year with a lack of art, inspiration, love, wellbeing,... everything really. It was horrible I felt drained of my power for most of it. I'm ready to reclaim + dominate, so beware! I'm hungry for creations, travel, adventure, love, abundance!

That is a quick video from my birthday party. What a night! It's 2013 + I'm so excited for this year. Especially since it began with the much anticipated creation + release of my sigil(logo). 

So here we go BC, Mexico, Vegas, Hollywood + I can't wait to see what more! 

Here's to a magikal beginning!

Yours Infernally,

Miss Horn