Pink Lemonade

There's a melody
and it sounds like summer
Her voice is like pink lemonade
She sings to me
like she knows my life
My tears fall onto pages
that she writes
She's swaying
She's praying
Her voice is like pink lemonade
Flower petals float
all around our lives
She knows the taste
of violence
She's saying
She's playing
Her voice is like pink lemonade
My mother told me
she sings just for me
Among the irises
on a hot wet day
She's dancing
She's romancing
That melody reminding me
who I really can be
Her voice is like pink lemonade
Let's go to the cemetery
and open a stand
All souls
Come on, baby
Let's drink that pink lemonade


Break my heart.

He held me like his own
I called him my home
Daddy, I want grow up with you
but she said no no no
She said she lived for me
She cradled me
Mama, I don't really want to be free
She left me to be on my own
Don't you break my heart
Don't you tear it apart
Don't you eat all the pieces
and leave me as your
violently loved
piece of art
I grew up and I fell
straight into the arms
of that beautiful boy
but he hid all the toys
He said I'll love you forever
don't you worry about me
but if you ever look away
I'll be the last thing you see
Don't you break my heart
Don't you tear it apart
Don't you eat all the pieces
and leave me as your
violently loved
piece of art
Blind, I went and fell for a man
with the fiercest of glace
and he told me he'd hold me
Forget all of them
I would give it all up
to be his Queen of Cups
but he stole my heart
and I lost them both in a rush
Don't you break my heart
Don't you tear it apart
Don't you eat all the pieces
and leave me as your
violently loved

piece of art

- Miss Horn


Kali's reign.

Thank you daemons for all your love + support over the years. I am transforming into a new incarnation. I have loved the spotlight + the gifts my career has given me. The life I knew no longer serves me. I am unofficially retiring as a model + burlesque performer. I am sure I will continue with these things in some way as they will always be in my blood. Life is changing. I need to pursue my spiritual growth, my blood art, myself as a woman + finding my place as a single adult woman in this world. I will continue to update this page + I hope you will follow my journey.
All my love.
Miss Horn



Palm trees 
Ocean beaches 
Boys on their skateboards 
Venice at sunset 
When the sand hits my feet 
Run forever
Never look back
Into neverending summer
Where the night's hot
Neon lights shine bright
Concrete parking lots
Corner stores
Slushies + vodka
This is the kingdom
Where I belong
Short dresses
High heels
A surrounding echo of laughter
Where we will stay
forever young
Into neverending summer
Tattooed kings
with motor thrones
Just ride along
This is home
Perfect makeup
Always ready
Dirty feet
Living high
Crashing waves
the sound of my heart
I am a daemon
in the city of Angels
Unlikely lovers
Eternal freedom
in the bonds of our love
Heavy tears
when we're apart
Won't let me forget
where I left my heart

- Madelina Horn


Poems: Huntington baby

Walking barefoot
in the huntington sands
Waves crashing against
my girlish feet
You were my drug
in the desert
My peyote shaman
guiding my trip
You made the violence romantic
You made the violence romantic
Spiraling downward
out of control
Move again
and you'll smack me some more
I was just 19
you took my violence viginity
never been hit
but its ok
you licked  my wounds
brush my hair from my face
took my hand
and here we are
in the huntington sands
walking side by side
as the sirens sing
the song of crashing waves to us
you made the violence romantic
you made the violence romantic
You were a beautiful dream
made from nightmares
clumsy + crazy
bruises + big lips
but you fucked
my pain away
the very next day
you made the violence romantic
and now you hold my hand

in huntington sands


Poems: No Blood

Death is even more seductive
with it having taken you
I want to walk into the darkness
to see your light
And every night I beg
for you to visit my dreams
but they're empty
I would take every ounce of your death
mainline into myself
Let it flow through my veins
just to watch you from the astral planes
I still feel you crystal tears
on my shoulder
That pain we share
being stuck in an earth body
We could never bleed
Everlasting romantic death

and I will see you soon 


Poems: For Keeth: The Golden Man

Transcending this encarnation
And you are all around me
The golden man
Many lives we've spent crossing
Dimensions shift
and this planet's vibration forever changed
To be able to give it all
just to be in your presence
one more time
The golden man
Head to the stars
meet the aliens
And tell me what their ships look like
visit me in dreams
where the astral planes collide
So I can feel you

from time to time