Poems: My only true sin

How can I go on?
Once great lovers
And now forgotten
You spoke to me in roses
Parting in the taste
like heavy hops
You put your hand around my neck
like a collar
The spirit of that hand
haunting all of the parts
of me you touched
I can still taste you
The way your brow arched
when you ordered your wishes
Master of my body
Take me to that
sweet hell
The self hatred + ecstasy
Of my only sin
And all the great loves
time has stopped for
Ours was one
As you penetrated
my heart beats so
you could feel
that pulse on your cock
No one unlocks me anymore
No one makes me smell
as sweet as I do on your nose
After you master me
deny me my self
A goddess among mortals
that lays at your feet
A tigress tamed
My wildness bowed at your feet
Take me. Please.


Poems: Dragon

How can I live
knowing what it's like
to be touched by you
How can I go on
not knowing if you'll be mine
the euphoric ecstacy
You are the answer
to the pain
I've always felt inside
Come back
flow through me like a fix
instant relief
and you are the dragon
I will chase you until the end of time
my blood flows only
to be joined with you again
Your words are sharp
but they follow in euphoria
because I will always fall into you
How can I live
when I've been spoiled for everyone
like chemistry
I am forever changed
Come back
give me that fix
inside me
instant relief
you absorb into my body
I am so addicted
I want to ride this dragon forever
So let me ride
I will give you everything
if you let me hold on
I'll go where ever you go
land where ever you land
I'm so tired of chasing your highs
and without you I want to die
They made heroine to try to forget you
your love is the greatest
ride I ever knew
I am so addicted
You leave me with that hope
Want to ride you forever
Chasing that dragon
He's so dope


Poems: Wet

When the words you've
passionately bestowed upon me
make tears flow from my eyes
The elaborate stories
of what we could be
And those tears
are what make my pussy wet.


Poems: Pink Lemonade

There's a melody
and it sounds like summer
Her voice is like pink lemonade
She sings to me
like she knows my life
My tears fall onto pages
that she writes
She's swaying
She's praying
Her voice is like pink lemonade
Flower petals float
all around our lives
She knows the taste
of violence
She's saying
She's playing
Her voice is like pink lemonade
My mother told me
she sings just for me
Among the irises
on a hot wet day
She's dancing
She's romancing
That melody reminding me
who I really can be
Her voice is like pink lemonade
Let's go to the cemetery
and open a stand
All souls
Come on, baby
Let's drink that pink lemonade


Poems: Break my heart.

He held me like his own
I called him my home
Daddy, I want grow up with you
but she said no no no
She said she lived for me
She cradled me
Mama, I don't really want to be free
She left me to be on my own
Don't you break my heart
Don't you tear it apart
Don't you eat all the pieces
and leave me as your
violently loved
piece of art
I grew up and I fell
straight into the arms
of that beautiful boy
but he hid all the toys
He said I'll love you forever
don't you worry about me
but if you ever look away
I'll be the last thing you see
Don't you break my heart
Don't you tear it apart
Don't you eat all the pieces
and leave me as your
violently loved
piece of art
Blind, I went and fell for a man
with the fiercest of glace
and he told me he'd hold me
Forget all of them
I would give it all up
to be his Queen of Cups
but he stole my heart
and I lost them both in a rush
Don't you break my heart
Don't you tear it apart
Don't you eat all the pieces
and leave me as your
violently loved

piece of art

- Miss Horn


Kali's reign.

Thank you daemons for all your love + support over the years. I am transforming into a new incarnation. I have loved the spotlight + the gifts my career has given me. The life I knew no longer serves me. I am unofficially retiring as a model + burlesque performer. I am sure I will continue with these things in some way as they will always be in my blood. Life is changing. I need to pursue my spiritual growth, my blood art, myself as a woman + finding my place as a single adult woman in this world. I will continue to update this page + I hope you will follow my journey.
All my love.
Miss Horn


Poems: LA

Palm trees 
Ocean beaches 
Boys on their skateboards 
Venice at sunset 
When the sand hits my feet 
Run forever
Never look back
Into neverending summer
Where the night's hot
Neon lights shine bright
Concrete parking lots
Corner stores
Slushies + vodka
This is the kingdom
Where I belong
Short dresses
High heels
A surrounding echo of laughter
Where we will stay
forever young
Into neverending summer
Tattooed kings
with motor thrones
Just ride along
This is home
Perfect makeup
Always ready
Dirty feet
Living high
Crashing waves
the sound of my heart
I am a daemon
in the city of Angels
Unlikely lovers
Eternal freedom
in the bonds of our love
Heavy tears
when we're apart
Won't let me forget
where I left my heart

- Madelina Horn