Beauty tips from Hell...

Dearest daemons,

This one is mostly for the girls although I know some glamourous boys as well who might appreciate a tip or two. I gets asked about my beauty routine all the time so I thought I would share some tips I swear by.
1. WATER; Obviously. I shouldn't have to tell you but 2 litres a day will keep your cells refreshed. If you get really ambitious up it to 4. The more water you consume, the less you retain.
2. Always wash off you makeup before you go to bed. I am guilty of the odd night partying later, crashing on a couch, + waking up with my full face on + that icky layer of grease. Avoid this as much as possible, your body is extra vulnerable during sleep + more likely to absorb the toxins sitting on the surface.
3. Alcohol, Cigarettes, + Sugar are your skin's worst enemy. They all promote inflammation which causes tiny blemishes that may have healed to flare up + erupt into monstrosities, forget if you have skin conditions such as rosacea or psoriasis, or stomach ulcers. All things in moderation, try not to worry if you are indulging. Your body's immune system can counter act the odd party if it's kept strong + healthy the vast majority of the time + thoughts have frequency so don't put worrisome thoughts out when you should be enjoying your naughty indulgence. If it makes you feel better, counter act your bad girl ways the day after by loading up on ginger, a natural anti inflammatory.
4. Treat your skin to a nice ancient beauty potion once a week. The recipe as follows:
1 part organic lemon juice
1 part organic apple cider vinegar
1 part unpasteurized organic honey
1 part green tea powder
1 part fine ground oats (I put regular cooking oats in a coffee grinder until fine)

This is full of antixidants, antibacterials, skin lighteners, humectants, + antiinflammatories. You can also add some regular white sugar to make it a scrub. Usually what goes on your skin should be just as good for your insides, sugar is one of the few exceptions; bad for the inside but good for the outside!
5. I use bare minerals powder foundation but a lot of people want fuller coverage. For video + photoshoots I wear MAC liquid foundation mixed with my moisturizer, underneath my powder foundation. This acts as a base coat + primer. Always set your makeup with a translucent powder. I am a major advocate of highlighting. A lot of people ask how I get such a glow to my skin, I've never been one to like a matte finish. I use a shimmery nude eyeshadow usually to highlight my nose, cheekbones, chin + brow bones. This can add so much to people if done properly.
6. Exfoliate your entire body once a week, be careful w/ the delicate skin on your chest though. Even your armpits! Your skin with shed + regenerate new fresh skin faster.
7. Massage you scalp to stimulate blood flow + help your hair grow faster. Wash your hair as little as possible. Twice a week is too much for most people. Once a week is sufficient. This might be difficult at first because your oil glands are over active from over stripping your skin constantly but after the first month your scalp will adapt + begin to secrete much less sebum. Condition your ends every time you shower.
8. Do yoga or at least stretch! Creating space within the body reflects in creating freedom in your life. Also, the more motion + control you have over your body the sexier you will feel. If you cannot touch your toes you have serious work to do!
9. Less is more when it comes to showing skin. That may sound strange coming from a stripper but if in doubt show less. There is nothing worse than a girl who looks cheap. Choose your best asset + showcase it. Don't wear a tube top w/ booty shorts unless you are Pamela Anderson, at a fetish party, or onstage. That being said I am all for experiementing with fashion. I would rather see more people dressed as the crazy man downtown who wears thongs over spandex, than the average Walmart goer in sweatpants + a tshirt. Put your personality out there, just be aware of your body type + stick with what flatters.

A few things, I thought could help!

I love you daemons!


Miss Horn


Why did you break up your relationship with a scorpion male? I'm asking because I dated with a scorpion guy and I'd like to understand more the scorpion mind... Kisses honey!

I have dated two Scorpios, both of which ended for technical reasons + were never really allowed to reach the potential of the relationship. These were actually the two most painful heartbreaks I've ever had probably because I knew they could have been great if it weren't for career, financial, + long distance issues. I easily think I could end up with a Scorpio, they can match my intensity + the sex is the best I have ever experienced.

what you dare...

Would you describe yourself as a feminist?

In the way of supporting all that is feminine yes. Trying to prove I can be better at a man at everything, no. I love being a woman + embrace many traditional gender roles which some might consider misogynistic in terms of feminism but I find natural + comfortable.

what you dare...


Question. Are you nazi/ support that kind of stuff? I ask this becuase on your tumblr you reblogged SS military outfit pictures.

I love the visual aesthetic of the Nazis. I by no means support mass genocide or prejudice based on race, culture, gender, or sexual preference. Without going into a short novel, I am not a Nazi, I simply have a fetish for the uniform.

what you dare...


The dark...

One thing I can take from the experience of living with severe depression is that there are very few things that frighten me nowadays. I have been suicidal + as a result I no longer fear death. I know death is always an option therefore the phobias I once had about alien abduction + apocalyptic scenarios  no longer paralyze me. I try to learn something from every situation in life no matter how dark it may be. Find the beauty.


Just because I'm the Devil doesn't mean I'm easy.

Easy can be used in a variety of ways to describe a person; easy-going, easy to please, or just plain easy. None of these, in which, describe me. I have high standards, am high-strung, and (admittedly) high-maintenance. So why is it that men seem to think they can make a few sexual comments + get in my panties? To a certain extent I can only expect so much from a general population who only know me as being in little or no clothing. I am not concerned with comments about my T + A on images online, in fact I appreciate them in their own way. However, in person, being serious, such remarks are far less charming. Why would any man think a woman who puts so much effort + hard work into herself, is easy?
I was seeing someone last year briefly + we had a steamy encounter, that I stopped early because I was uncomfortable sleeping with someone at that point in the courtship process. He fired at me calling me a christian + asking how could I be such a "prude" when I follow the path of the Devil. This is not the first time this type of argument has come up for me. Before I get into why my values fit into my belief system let me just save some of you men some time + tell you that you can not argue a woman into bed. You're only decreasing you chances of ever getting there by trying. Now, I am a satanist, which means I am Satan. I strive to be great, the best, treat my body as the dark temple it is, + hold myself to the highest standards. That being said, why would I expect anything less than this in a mate? Yes, I am hedonistic + indulgent but not in any ways that are self destructive because that would be weak + weakness is the ultimate Satanic "sin." Should I not expect a man to show that he is evolved + intelligent enough to hold a conversation with me, instead of just making some obvious remark about my tits? Should I not guage his reaction in a variety of environments + situations to make sure we will get along? Should I not expect to be respected + worshiped in the same way I do myself, by a potential mate?
I find men to respond better to simple instructions. Here are some simple dating rules when pursuing a woman:
- It's okay to talk about sex after you become comfortable with a woman in conversation but don't reference sex as actually happenning between the two of you. You shouldn't ask personal questions about what a woman likes in bed, nor suggest what you're "good" at sexually, nor speak explicitly sexual to her in any way until you're already in bed together.
- It's okay to touch a woman, if you're getting flirtatious signals from her, but never grab anywhere that might get you slapped until she tells you too. Nothing smells of more desperation than a man slapping a woman's ass or asking to see her boobs when she's hasn't even noticed you yet. This is not a way to get noticed either, you might end up getting slapped, or punched.
- Never ask or tell a woman you want to have sex with her until you already have. Although you may think you're portraying confidence, you're actually coming off as a horny douchebag. No woman wants to feel like she's an "option." She wants to feel like she's the only one in the room you can see.
- Be a gentleman. Chivalry is alive + kicking in some men. Those men are your competition. Opening a door for a woman is much more charming that drunkenly talking about her ass in front of her.
Now, there are many woman of our generation that are easy. There's nothing wrong with that. If someone wants to indulge in pleasure + has no need for a more fulfilling connection to get it, than I support it completely. I am not one of those woman. I am a prize + if you want to win, you have to prove you're worthy + go through the obstacles to prove it. These tips I've stated will make you more appealing to either type of woman. Never assume what type of woman someone is by their style of clothing, choice of career, spirituality, etc. Just approach them all as if they're ladies, queens, goddesses. If you are a king you should be happy to work for a woman worthy of sharing your crown.


Miss Horn



My lovely daemons,

First of all thank you for supporting + helping spread the gospel of glamour. Our legion has become a wonderful family + none of what I have accomplished would be possible without you. The bigger our legion grows the bigger + better my life becomes. This past year has been such an amazing rollercoaster ride + the loops keep getting bigger so I can't wait to see what 2012 will behold! 2011 I travelled so much spending time in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Montreal, Calgary, Niagara Falls, New York, Atlanta, Las Vegas. I was able to work with + for some amazing people including Chrome Division, Dimmu Borgir, Melt, Komor Kommando, Burn Bitch Burn, Louie Fleischauer of AMF Korsets, Sweet Carousel, Deviant Events, Torture Garden, Secretroom, Michael Maggot of MaggotFilms, Patric Ullaeus of Revolver Studios, Radiant Inc, Helsing Photo, Robert Matta of VonGutenberg, + of course my partner in crime, Michael Scorpio. This year, I have lived in 3 different countries, become vegan, fallen in love, had my heart broken, appeared in at least 6 different publications, starred in a horror film, performed an opening spot for Judas Priest, learned to spit fire, began my true devotion to yoga, + so much more. I'm sure I am forgetting a lot but as you can tell it has been quite the year.
Every year things seem to get more + more amazing. I am so excited to journey into 2012! I am already working on a new show, amoung other things. I can't wait to give you even more! I love you so much you can't even imagine. I hope we all experience our best year yet + help each other do it!

Love is the Law.


Miss Horn