Poems: LA

Palm trees 
Ocean beaches 
Boys on their skateboards 
Venice at sunset 
When the sand hits my feet 
Run forever
Never look back
Into neverending summer
Where the night's hot
Neon lights shine bright
Concrete parking lots
Corner stores
Slushies + vodka
This is the kingdom
Where I belong
Short dresses
High heels
A surrounding echo of laughter
Where we will stay
forever young
Into neverending summer
Tattooed kings
with motor thrones
Just ride along
This is home
Perfect makeup
Always ready
Dirty feet
Living high
Crashing waves
the sound of my heart
I am a daemon
in the city of Angels
Unlikely lovers
Eternal freedom
in the bonds of our love
Heavy tears
when we're apart
Won't let me forget
where I left my heart

- Madelina Horn

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