Poems: Dragon

How can I live
knowing what it's like
to be touched by you
How can I go on
not knowing if you'll be mine
the euphoric ecstacy
You are the answer
to the pain
I've always felt inside
Come back
flow through me like a fix
instant relief
and you are the dragon
I will chase you until the end of time
my blood flows only
to be joined with you again
Your words are sharp
but they follow in euphoria
because I will always fall into you
How can I live
when I've been spoiled for everyone
like chemistry
I am forever changed
Come back
give me that fix
inside me
instant relief
you absorb into my body
I am so addicted
I want to ride this dragon forever
So let me ride
I will give you everything
if you let me hold on
I'll go where ever you go
land where ever you land
I'm so tired of chasing your highs
and without you I want to die
They made heroine to try to forget you
your love is the greatest
ride I ever knew
I am so addicted
You leave me with that hope
Want to ride you forever
Chasing that dragon
He's so dope

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