Torture Garden Montreal

Hello beautiful deamons + deamonesses, 
I thought I would tell you all about my new show debuted at Torture Garden Montreal on November 26th, 2011. My show of course starts out with a stage covered in egg, salt, + oil so that when I enter onto it wearing towering 7 inch heels I am bound to be slipping + sliding. Once I make my wobbly entrance smoking a cigarette, I put it out perfectly on my tongue... this part of the show stood alone. So first thing first, to strip off my corset, of course I wore my most difficult corset to get in + out of ensuring that I would get stuck + need my lovely assistant, Lylia, to pop my out of it. Next to light my torches to begin the fire segment. My fuel conveniently gets switched with water to continue with the theme of the show. With my torches thoroughly soaked in water + not able to light, I continue dancing clumsily around the lubed stage. A wonderful onlooker tries to come to my aid + pours alcohol over the torches in an attempt to save me. The already water logged torches hold a dull flame at best but when I grab my other fuel to attempt a spit I take a swig of the toxic substance + appropriately the torch goes out right before I can spit. Now I have stage assistants + managers scrambling to relight my torches while I wait + let the poisonous fuel sit + absorb into my mouth. All part of the show of course. In a last gasp the torch gets lit again + I finish the show by spitting a few fireballs. I take a bow + exit the stage. Burlesque originated with comedy after all.
Satire aside, I do apologize to fans + attendees of TGM that I could not perform a real show for you. I had fun regardless. I thank the wonderful promoters + TG London staff for having me. It was a wonderful weekend. I love Montreal + every time I leave I miss it more than the last. 
 In keeping with the theme of the trip I was in Niagara Falls for a few days after Montreal on my way to Orlando. Upon crossing the border on my way to Buffalo-Niagara Airport, the officers at border patrol interrogated me, ripped my luggage apart, yelled at me, finger printed + photographed me. They proceeded to turn me away because with so much recent travel back + forth from Canada to the USA on my record, as a freelance artist I have "loose ties" to Canada, so even vacation travel is "too suspicious". I hope to get this resolved soon + hopefully resume my trip to Orlando + beyond. For now I am working on a new stage show with my close friend + favorite designer, Elise of Sweet Carousel Corsetry. 
 Thank you for your continued support. I love you deamons! 
 Miss Horn

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