I had a really fun, completely out of control, circus of a birthday party. I got to go to LA for a month. Performing the Albertabound Calgary tattoo convention + Laced Up by my love Sweet Carousel were so wonderful. Those are the only good things to come of 2012.
2012 was a struggle of a year with a lack of art, inspiration, love, wellbeing,... everything really. It was horrible I felt drained of my power for most of it. I'm ready to reclaim + dominate, so beware! I'm hungry for creations, travel, adventure, love, abundance!

That is a quick video from my birthday party. What a night! It's 2013 + I'm so excited for this year. Especially since it began with the much anticipated creation + release of my sigil(logo). 

So here we go BC, Mexico, Vegas, Hollywood + I can't wait to see what more! 

Here's to a magikal beginning!

Yours Infernally,

Miss Horn 

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  1. hope ure body and soul of fire, gets every day more and more strenght and joyfully of bliss and inner peace, now that the ion storm has past, u may live far beyond the thersholds of delusion and get mora love, beauty, fortune and power in yure life cause you deserves it, sendinig from here always great energies that makes u more happy and free and wisdom, all the best for ure path it´s to come now...
    love and protections forever at your side :D

    serpent magus has spoke !!!!