I Love Lucy!



  1. I agree...I think they should take the chance and relocate her.So many people believe that their voice won't change anything...WRONG...People should keep pressing the government/people involved in this manner...things will change.People need to stop sitting on the sidelines and step up...use your voice/email...do whatever you can.
    Awesome job lady!

  2. I completely agree. The only reason they keep her is out of greed and out of contempt for the brave people fighting for a better life for her. The kind of space that she needs is not available here - she needs many kilometers - because she's an elephant! Zoos horrify me a in general; its sad that for some endangered species that is the only safe place from poachers, but the fact is that there is a wonderful sanctuary willing to take her. Every animal, just like every human animal, should be able to live freely. Keeping animals caged for profit is no different than having slaves.