Norway. Sex Magic. Cleansing.

Hello my favorite demons.

I'm off to Norway + Sweden next week. Its blackmetal girl's dream come true. I keep feeling like I'm going to wake up from a dream. I'll be sure to post pictures and document my journeys. Coincidentally I also just finished being interviewed by a Norwegian music magazine that I will be sure to post when it's out.

I have been diligently working trying to get the new website ready to launch. I hope to have it up before I leave. I hope you all love it as much as I do.
I am reading a fascinating book right now called Demons of the Flesh. It's an overview of sexual magical practice from a left hand path perspective. I highly recommend it and would love to hear some thoughts from you guys.

I recently have been on a 3 part cleanse. I had gained some winter weight that I am still shedding but am half way there. I started with a 2 day master cleanse, for those of you unfamiliar it is a fast in which you are only allowed to consume water and a warm lemonade with honey(sometimes maple syrup) and cayenne pepper. I accompanied it with a salt water flush. I felt horrible. Part 2 of the cleanse is one week of nothing but whole vegetables and fruits. I have 3 more days until part 3 and so far I feel wonderful. I am sleeping without a sleeping aid which I haven't done in years. Part 3 I add in whole grains like rice and oatmeal for another week which I will probably end up cutting short due to travel.

I want all of you to get your little claws on this as soon as it comes out. I'm on the back cover!

A new interview was recently posted by a hardcore underground metal ezine here.



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