Fake blood = Fake art

Dearest daemons...

So I recently did my first photoshoot with fake blood. This experience has lead me to explain why it will be the only one ever. It is no secret that I am a blood fetishist + completely fascinated with all aspects of the fluid. I am also a fairly vocal vegan. All those things aside, I am an artist. I am truely passionate about modelling + performing. I like to make modelling like a performance that gets captured in stills. I need to feel the energy of the shoot whether it's a sexual, cutesy, serious, horror, haute, whatever the theme, I need to feel it. Now I did not feel anything but sticky + uncomfortable using fake blood. To be quite honest, I did not feel proud of the work after I had done it, I felt ashamed. It was fake. I started thinking about this + soon after was contact for potential hire in another shoot requiring blood. I already knew I would not do it. This is where you're going to want to call me a hypocrite + burn me at the stake. I suggested we use real blood. Since buying human blood is illegal, the only option is animal blood. I know anyone reading this is scratching their head right now, considering all my work to support animal rights. I think it's aweful too but remember, I am an artist. In order for me to feel something it has to be real, there has to be energy. So I proposed this new photographer buy blood + donate the same amount of money spent on the blood to a charity that supports animals in some way. I know I am a hypocrite. I know a donation does not make the support of animal slaughter, however small, ok. The only thing I can say is that I would use human blood everytime, if I had the choice, even if humans were being slaughtered the way animals are. It's a terrible world we live in, equally to all it beauty.

I hope none of you lose your respect for my work. I appreciate your unwaivering support so far! I would not be able to live my dream if it wasn't for my amazing deamons. Thank you for your understanding!

All heavy controversy aside, here are the images from the shoot:

unbound 1

unbound 2

unbound 3

unbound 4

unbound 10

unbound 9

*some photos were deleted before I could share this blog. I have uploaded the rest under the same title as the blog here:

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  1. I am curious about this animal sourced blood. Is it collected from animals being slaughtered anyway? Could you not contact a local butcher and ask them to save some for you?

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  3. I was, until recently, vegetarian for almost 9 years, before beginning these last months to eat organic red meat for health reasons. After spending so long having nothing to do with meat, I found it quite interesting that the raw meat blood did not make me feel ill, as it did when I first turned away from it. I do think, at the end of the day, it comes down to respect for the animal. There is something so organic about blood, that does hold a different feel then a synthetic one (in the style of your art).
    Having said that, the picture that screams to me the most is rather the one without visible blood, the third from the bottom. How wonderfully dark and full of mystery and ritual <3
    Had you thought of using your own?